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The Treasure Box

11 Clitheroe Road, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancs. BB7 9AA Tel 01254 824972
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Do you say ‘Well Done!’ or should you be saying ‘Shaabaash!’, ‘Bhalo!’ or ‘Dobrze!’?


How much nicer to be praised in your own language

  The Treasure Box provides multicultural resources for school children and has recently introduced a series of bi-lingual stickers and stampers to their range of general teaching stampers, puppets and resources.

They are perfect for recognising a child's achievements and for sharing these achievements with their parents. They are also ideal resources to help broaden the horizons of mono-lingual, English-speakers.

"No child should be expected to cast off the language and culture of the home as he crosses the school threshold, nor to live and act as though school and home represent two totally separate and different cultures which have to be kept firmly apart.", Bullock Report (1975)






We think these designs are excellent and will enhance and make your marking easier. A real WIN WIN situation.
Still only £5.00 each. Click here to visit the stamper page.

Set of 8 Marking Stampers

An excellent set of classroom stampers that you probably be used every day.
Only £23.00
per set of 8 - less than £3 each!



Assessment Stampers and Resources 


Your next step is... stampers back in stock.


NEW design. Even better if... stampers.

 Please visit the assessment stamper page for details.

A smiley face stamper without a smile?



These self assessment stampers have become one of our best sellers. They allow children to assess their own work ~ adding smiles, straight lines or wiggly lines depending on how they rate their own work. Click hereto visit this page and to download a free set of classroom posters and Self Assessment fans.




Children love stickers ~ on books, charts or simply stuck on their jumpers. Our A4 sheets of 70 stickers are available in Bengali, Hindi, Polish and Urdu.
NOW 10 sheets for only £5.00
Very competitevly priced pre-inked assessment stampers and sets of Modern Foreign Language stampers in English and French - Spanish coming soon.
Pre-inked stampers including Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Gujarati, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Punjabi, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Somali, Swahili and Urdu.


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