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Do you say ‘Well Done!’ or should you be saying ‘Shaabaash!’, ‘Bhalo!’ or ‘Dobrze!’?


How much nicer to be praised in your own language

  The Treasure Box provides multicultural resources for school children and has recently introduced a series of bi-lingual stickers and stampers to their range of general teaching stampers, puppets and resources.

They are perfect for recognising a child's achievements and for sharing these achievements with their parents. They are also ideal resources to help broaden the horizons of mono-lingual, English-speakers.

"No child should be expected to cast off the language and culture of the home as he crosses the school threshold, nor to live and act as though school and home represent two totally separate and different cultures which have to be kept firmly apart.", Bullock Report (1975) 


Multicultural Stampers
Attractive, bold, cheerful pre-inked stampers which are ideal for recognising a child's heritage; introducing children to words of praise in a different language; topic work based on another country or for simply marking!
Each stamper contains a word of praise in the chosen language written in both the relevant script, if appropriate, and its Roman transliteration.
If you are looking for English, Welsh, French, German, Spanish or Italian     
                                                           stampers, then please visit our 'MFL stampers' page for a very attractive special offer.
                                                           NOTE: Please note that the stamper body design of all our Multicultural Stampers is our 'QBrick' design.

     Bengali         Cantonese         Greek        Gujarati
          Bhalo/Good                   Ho Ho/Well Done              Bravo/Well Done            Saru/Good
           Price:£5.00                       Price: £5.00                     Price £5.00                Price: £5.00


       Hebrew      Hindi           Japanese         Lithuanian       Mandarin
         Metzuyan/Good          Accha/Good          Yoku dekimashita                Puiku/Well Done           Zuo de hao/Well Done 
           Price: £5.00             Price: £5.00                   Price: £5.00                       Price: £5.00                   Price: £5.00

  Portuguese     Punjabi          Romanian        Russian         
   Muito bem/Well Done      ShabashWell Done           Foarte bine/Well Done      Harashow!/Well Done
          Price: £5.00                   Price: £5.00                     Price: £5.00                    Price: £5.00

     Slovak           Swahili            Turkish          
   Vel' me spravne/Well DoneVizuri sana/Well Done        Aferin/Well Done              
        Price: £5.00                     Price: £5.00                      Price: £5.00                  

Note: The images of stamper impressions may appear larger or smaller than actual size due to different internet browser settings.
Each stamp impression is approximately 2½ cm across - although different designs may differ slightly.
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